What is a melted WAX?

A wax melt is a scented piece of wax, much like you would find in a candle jar, but without the wick! To fill your home with fragrance, you simply warm up the wax melt using either an electric burner or a tealight heated burner.


How many squares should I use?

We suggest you use between 1-2 squares. This depends on how strong you would like your scent as well as the size of the room.


How long can I keep my wax burning?

Our advice would no longer than 4 hours at a time. And remember to never leave the house with the burners alight. 

Out your tea candle out firstly , the advice would be to gently clean the melted wax with a damp cloth or tissue. But please make sure you have put the tea light can’t put to avoid items getting caught. 


How often should I change my wax melt?

The advice would be to change after the 2nd or 3rd use. However melted luxe wax melts are highly scented. You could also change the melt whenever the scent throw decreases. 


Why are you out of stock?

Our aim is to restock quite promptly, however sometimes this might not be possible. Please be patient with us. As soon as the product is available you be the first to know ( subscribe for updates, deals, new scent alerts.


What glitter do you use?

Melted Luxe uses Biodegradable glitter, however at times this is not always possible depending on the design. Our designs change on a regular Basis to explore creativity.
Are you products designer?

No. Our fragrance oils are very similar to the designer high end scents. We are in no way affiliated with the designer company, our products simply smell similar to the perfume/aftershave.